Hi I'm Atty. Rei Diaz a cornerstone of organizational governance, plays a pivotal role in decision-making, strategic planning, and policy formulation within various institutions, be it corporate entities, non-profit organizations, or governmental bodies. Comprising representatives from diverse backgrounds and expertise, the General Council fosters collaboration and ensures that key stakeholders have a voice in shaping the direction of the organization. Through regular meetings, deliberations, and consultations, members of the General Council contribute their insights, offer guidance, and evaluate the effectiveness of existing initiatives, thus steering the organization towards its objectives while upholding its values and principles. With a focus on transparency, accountability, and inclusivity, the General Council serves as a forum for constructive dialogue, fostering consensus-building and driving positive change within the organization and beyond.

Atty. Rei Diaz - Zenith Capital General Counsel

Atty. Rei Diaz