We made it accessible for you to get a business loan – online and in person.

Fill out the application form, together with the required documents, and email it to info@zenithgroup.com.ph. You will be assigned to a Loan Specialist who will assist you in your business loan application.

Visit our office - Unit 2701, One World Place, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig – or apply through our sales agents and agency partners

You can be approved for a loan amount from ₱ 500,000.00 up to ₱20,000,000.00 for non-collateral loan and up to 100,000,000.00 for collateral loan

  • The interest rate will vary on the type of business loan – collateral or non-collateral – your business is qualified to apply for. We encourage you to start your business loan application so we can discuss further how to make your loan terms flexible for you.

  • As we make our loan terms flexible for any business type, our loan duration can vary to the type of business loan your business is qualified to apply for or to the loan terms that suit your financing needs. Start your loan application so we can discuss with you how flexible our loan terms can be.

  • We have a one-time 5% processing fee to settle any government-related taxes. This is deducted outright from your loan proceeds.

  • We require clients to issue Post Dated Checks (PDC’s). The payment amortization should reflect the principal monthly payment plus interest.

  • It only takes 3 to 5 business days to process your loan application.

  • Know all the requirements here.