About Zenith Capital

Since its incorporation in 2017, Zenith Capital has become one of the recognized loan financing companies in the Philippines by making business loans accessible to any business type – SMEs and corporations.

As a family-oriented business, Zenith Capital acknowledges the significance of having the right resources in order to get businesses going and growing. That is why Zenith Capital advocates for supporting business owners to have access to financial assistance to remain competitive and achieve their goals.

As our business loan application takes 5 days or less to process with minimal documentation required, Filipino entrepreneurs can secure the necessary financing for the business that is quick, flexible, and hassle-free with Zenith Capital.


Our Mission

Our mission is to enable aspiring entrepreneurs to reach their full potential and be the premier provider of easy and hassle-free loans.

Earning In Trust Element

Earning In Trust

Trust is the sole foundation of Zenith. Through this, we turn potentials into possibilities.

Earning In Collaboration

We value tight partnerships—from the beginning to our continuous growth. When we work together with our clients, a fruitful development happens.

Earning In Progress

We don’t just stop at success. We help and lead you where your growth should be.


Our Team

Flordeliza Cruz Zenith Capital CEO

" As a former bank president, I recognized the significant gap in serving our country's SMEs, which only accounted for 4% of our bank's total loan portfolio despite comprising 99.6% of all businesses, employing 65% of the workforce, and contributing 35% to GDP. This led me to establish Zenith Capital, dedicated to empowering SMEs and addressing this critical issue. "

Flordeliza F. Cruz


Roman Estrella - Zenith Capital Vice Chairman

Roman Estrella


Renz Estrella - Zenith Capital President

" As President of our financing company, I firmly believe in the vital role financing plays in SME success. We specialize in understanding their unique needs and offer tailored solutions. Through partnerships, we aim to create an inclusive ecosystem fostering entrepreneurship and economic growth. "

Renz Estrella


Rizza Templonuevo - Zenith Capital Vice President

" At Zenith Capital, we stand out with tailored loan products, competitive rates, quick approvals, and flexible terms. Committed to supporting Filipino entrepreneurs, we innovate with technology and partnerships for growth. Proud to be your trusted partner in driving business success in the Philippines."

Rizza Templonuevo


Atty. Rei Diaz


Ryan M. Ponayo


Joy Castillo


Looking back as a former Bank President, I saw a gap that our country's SME's (Small and Medium Enterprises) were underserved. It only accounted for 4% of our bank's total loan portfolio. And in the Philippines 99.6% of all businesses are SME's, employing 65% of the workforce, and accounting for 35% of GDP. That is when I decided to put up Zenith Capital, to address this issue and empower our SME's.