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Top 6 Industries That Benefit from Business Loans

The World Bank stated that COVID-19 brought about the largest economic crisis in over a century, with its effects felt globally. During the pandemic, 66% of Philippine firms lacked the finances necessary for regular corporate operations such as payroll, taxes, and suppliers. 

Although many parts of the world have emerged from lockdowns and quarantines, many businesses can still feel the lasting financial effect of the pandemic. If you’re looking for additional financing for your operations, it’s worthwhile to consider a business loan like business loan banks or from a reputable lending company.

A business loan is a common type of loan that businesses use to fund or expand their operations. It can help them overcome financial challenges, such as a slowdown in sales, or seize growth opportunities. While business loans are beneficial across industries, certain sectors may derive greater advantages from them than others. 

To learn more about these sectors, continue reading the article below. 

6 Key Industries Harnessing the Power of Business Loans 

There are many uses for a business loan, depending on the industry. Business financing can help various industries achieve their goals and overcome their challenges. Here are some key sectors harnessing the power of business loans today.

1. Manufacturing 

Despite the manufacturing industry seeing a 10.7% increase in April 2023, it still doesn’t eliminate the fact that machinery and equipment are expensive. A recent report found that the rising production costs have compelled local factories to downsize their workforce and hamper their growth. Supply chain bottlenecks also pose a challenge to the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing loans can help you overcome these difficulties in several ways. For instance, the additional capital can enable you to cover rising input costs while maintaining your workforce.

2. Construction

Experts forecast the construction industry in the Philippines to grow 9.6% by 2025, with the government deeming it a key sector in the country’s post-pandemic recovery. 

However, the industry still faces challenges with rising raw materials and equipment costs, as indicated by 58% of construction decision-makers and influencers. It isn’t surprising, especially with inflation rising to brutal heights. 

Respondents also highlighted concerns regarding staff management, sustainable competitive bidding, and staying updated with digital transformations. With construction business loans, you can get additional financing to address rising production costs and inflation and fund your construction projects. 

3. Agriculture

The agriculture sector of the Philippines is one of the main drivers of economic growth. Many private companies continuously develop innovative equipment to boost the quality and quantity of their productions.

Your agricultural company can apply for a business loan to gain the capital necessary to invest in high-tech, smart agriculture technology, such as a sensor-equipped smart greenhouse that optimizes temperature for crops. 

4. Retail

According to Retail Asia, consumer spending is set to grow to 5.5% year-over-year in 2023. Retail business loans can help you position your company to take advantage of the growth in consumer spending in several ways.

For instance, the additional capital can help you stock up your inventory to ensure you have enough to sell to the influx of customers. It may even allow you to invest in product development and research to produce better products for your customers. You can also check these tools for SME growth.

5. Technology

The tech industry is anticipated to grow tremendously in the coming years, with artificial intelligence (AI), 5G networks, and the Internet of Things (IoT) becoming increasingly popular.

Business loans can help your tech company take advantage of emerging technologies, allowing you to automate repetitive tasks and expand your connections with other devices and companies nationwide. 

Globe Telecom, a prominent company in the tech and telecom space, leveraged business loans to enhance its operations. In December 2021, the company secured a ₱15 billion loan to boost its capital expenditure, refinance debts, and fulfill general corporate requirements.

6. Restaurant

The restaurant industry was among the most affected by the pandemic, with sales plummeting from ₱3.08 billion in 2019 to ₱1.38 billion in 2020, according to Statista. But as pandemic restrictions ease, industry experts forecast a potential surge in customers engaging in “revenge dining” at restaurants. 

You can apply for an enterprise business loan for your restaurant to ensure you have enough inventory and staff to accommodate the rush of customers. Additional financing can also help you afford upgraded equipment to improve the quality of your meals and potentially even expand your menu offerings.

Empower Your Business with Business Loans

Business loans provide additional funds to help your company overcome financial challenges, such as rising costs, equipment upgrades, and expansion, regardless of your industry or aid small business growth. You may even comply with PhilGEPS Certificate of Registration to open your door to potential business opportunities in the top industries through government contracts.

If you want to apply for a business loan or want to learn about tips to improve getting a business loan, consider working with a reputable lending company in the Philippines, such as Zenith Capital.

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